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Welcome to the website of the National Hannie Schaft Foundation. Although this page is in Dutch, we are very happy to help you find your way in getting more information on Hannie Schaft and the sisters Truus and Freddie Oversteegen. Please contact us at: or visit our facebook page or twitter.

International press attention Freddie Oversteegen

For an insight in international press attention as to Freddie Oversteegen please check here.

Book Truus Menger-Oversteegen: “Not then, not now, not ever”

The book is written by Truus Menger – Oversteegen, who together with her sister Freddie Dekker -Oversteegen and the famous Girl with the Red Hair, Hannie Schaft were a formidable female trio of armed Resistance fighters. Their fellow companion in arms Hannie Schaft became the icon for female Resistance in the Netherlands.

This book describes their wartime Resistance experiences, without the heroic flavor. The ugly wartime seen through the eyes of young adults, teenagers that is, who rose beyond the occasion. Because they had to stand up against the terror and evil of the occupying forces.

Thank you very much for the overwhelming interest in the English version of the book of Truus Menger-Oversteegen “Not then, not now, not ever”. Unfortunately the English version is out of print. We are working very hard on the reprint. If you are interested to purchase one, please contact us at and we will make sure you will receive a copy as soon as they are back in stock.

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