Truus Menger, Not then, not now, not ever




How would you feel, standing with your bicycle alongside the pavement, waiting for the appearance of an SS-officer you are supposed to liquidate? Or when you are assigned to bring a group of Jewish children to safety and you fail?

In her book Truus Menger-Oversteegen describes her experiences being in the resistance together with her sister Freddie and with Hannie Schaft. It relates to young people struggling for a cause they considered worth risking their lives for.

Truus was only sixteen years old when the war broke out; her sister Freddie was just fourteen. They were both members of the same resistance group that Hannie Schaft joined and worked together many times. The book is about the acts that succeeded as well as about those that failed and either the feeling of satisfaction or bitter regrets afterwards. The accounts are all the more moving as they are written in such a sober manner.

The English version of the book by Truus is finally back in print. You can order by following these instructions:

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